NI BIDs has been developed and is run by The Mosaic Partnership
The Mosaic Partnership
The Mosaic Partnership

The Mosaic Partnership is a consulting firm specialising in the development of BIDs amongst wider Place Making, Management and Marketing work. We helped write the BID legislation in the UK and have facilitated businesses to invest an additional £120m in their locations through our work in over 70 BIDs. Our own ‘hands-on’ experience allows us to offer practical advice, tactical decision making and incremental support to partnerships. We are currently working with a range of locations on partnership and BID development across the UK, Europe and internationally. To see the full range of the services we offer, please visit our website.



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Mo Aswat, MBA, BSc (Hons), FIPM

Mo is Director and Founder of The Mosaic Partnership. He brings extensive place management experience to the company, including leading a national award-winning Town Centre Company and serving as Executive Director of one of the first BIDs in the UK. As part of the UK’s BID Pilot Programme, he was integral in developing the national legislation that now governs their formation. Since setting up Mosaic, Mo has delivered over 70 BIDs across the UK, developed and delivered the BIDs Academy Programme in Warwickshire , East Midlands and Northern Ireland.

Mo has also authored multiple best practice guides on BIDs and place management, including the Ten Step Guide to Developing Partnerships and BIDs as well as a guide to managing multi-site cities and towns in partnership with Boots the Chemist. He has also been a featured speaker nationally and internationally in the US, Singapore, South Africa, the Netherlands and Austria on BID development. Mo has previously served on the board of the ATCM and is a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management.

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Sharon Scott, BA (Hons), DipM
NI Senior Consultant

Sharon co- delivered the NI BIDs Academy with Mo, ensuring all workshops, advice and documentation were in line with NI legislation. She also provided on the ground support and guidance to Belfast One, Ballymena, Newry, Cathedral Quarter, Strabane and Enniskillen through feasibility, consultation, business planning and campaigning phases. She also advised the BIDs on public stakeholder engagement, particularly the new local government context following RPA and emerging NI tourism policies and strategies.

Sharon is Director of Place Solutions, which offers a holistic “Place Management” solution, built on strong partnerships and an integrated approach to regeneration, tourism and economic development. She has been involved in Place Management and partnership building for nearly 20 years. She is a member of the Institute of Place Management, Academy of Urbanism and the Institute of Directors. She has sat on a number of boards and held Advisory roles with the Association of Town and City Centre Management (ATCM), NI Urban Exchange, Purple Flag Evening Economy and Hospitality Ulster. She has contributed widely to the formation of NI regeneration and tourism policy.

Sam's Photo
Samantha Jones-Burton, BA (Hons)
Senior Project Manager

Sam brings with her over 25 years experience working in the public and private sectors. With a high level of interpersonal skills, Sam specialises in consultation and participation techniques and has worked in numerous BID locations across the UK. Her background in urban regeneration includes developing multi-sector partnerships, local governance, democratisation, and organisational development and change.

She has also worked as a policy officer and political researcher and is trained in a variety of disciplines including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP.) Sam’s change management and training work has included all industries and sectors across the UK and Ireland. Clients have included Local Authorities to organisations such as, Balfour Beatty and Midland Mainline in the successful execution of large and small scale logistical projects.

Oliver's Photo
Oliver Knight, MA, BA (Hons)

Oliver provides our full time, in-house design and creative services. He provides clients with brand elements including logo design & brand standards, brochures, newsletters, website design, business plans, posters, photography and video production. He has specific understanding of the requirements in terms of BIDs and Place Marketing work.


"Originally I was sceptical about BIDs, their logic and rationale behind them. The Mosaic Partnership has helped to reinforce that they are, in reality, a very valuable and in some cases an essential vehicle to enhance the fabric and wellbeing of our town centres and cities. I began just wanting to learn and observe but along the way I became inspired."

Michael Stewart, Hudson Bar, Belfast

"Marketing and place promotion are vitally important for attracting students to Ulster University. The CQ area has enormous potential and provides an excitiing and inspiring environment for the Ulster University campus to flourish and contribute to the dynamic of the Cathedral Quarter."

Professor Alastair Adair, Pro Vice Chancellor - Ulster University, Cathedral Quarter

"A BID would mean a better and more positive City for everyone – business owners, employers, employees, families and communities. It would enable projects to go ahead and to make the City a far more attractive and forward thinking place to bring business and visitors to."

Suzanne Murdock, The Hub, Newry

"Over the past 15 years, I have seen Cathedral Quarter grow from a state of neglect and near dereliction into Belfast’s most vibrant shared space filled with arts, culture and a great nightlife. The BID represents our best chance to shape the future and ensure that we keep this area special through times of challenge, change and opportunity"

Will Chamberlain, Director, Belfast Community Circus School