We are here to help. Whatever your requirements, whatever the level of support you need, we can provide a workable solution for your budget. Our support includes:

Organisational Support to include Advice & Best Practice in:
  • Company Set Up
  • Company Procedures & Protocols
  • Staff Recruitment & Arrangements
  • Board Development & Board Director Roles
  • Contract Management
  • Finances (including VAT, Corporation Tax, Management Accounts & Budgeting)
  • Baseline Statements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Attendance at Meetings (includes Board or other meetings as requested by clients)
  • Phone Support
  • Online Support (including video conferencing)
Ensuring Good Practice Advice & Compliance with BID Legislation for:
  • Members of Staff
  • Board Directors
  • The BID Levy Payer
  • Governmental (Local, National & Other Public Bodies)
  • Regulatory Adherence
Access to the Mosaic BIDs & Project Documentation:
  • Contracts (Staff & Project)
  • Baseline Statements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Newsletters
  • Business Plans
  • Annual Reports
  • Organisation & Financial Protocols
  • Project Examples
  • Campaign Material
Access to the Mosaic Contact Centre
  • Over 100 Locations
  • Head Offices
  • Industry Bodies & Individuals
  • BID Managers
  • Major Retailers
  • Major Commercial Operators
  • Over 3000 Industry Contacts
Good Practice & Guidance on:
  • Project Development
  • Relevant Case Studies
  • Performance Monitoring


Meet Like-Minded People and Share Good Practice
£500 pa

Our Connect support package is for those who are looking to further develop their existing BID and share and learn about good practice. It gives you access to:

  • The Northern Ireland Ten Step Guide

    An easy to understand reference document for anyone looking to develop a BID, ensuring you comply with the legislation and take advantage of best practice.

  • Developing or Improving your BID

    An annual review and impact assessment looking at the performance of your BID against the Business Plan and best practice elsewhere. This will be carried out by a NI BIDs Team Member and will provide guidance, on how to develop skills and capacity, improve business planning and budgeting and best practice advice.

  • Meet Like-Minded People

    Attendance at 2 NI BIDs events bringing together industry professionals to celebrate achievement and learn more about place management and how it could help your area.

  • Making it Easy

    Access to key documents from Mosaic's extensive library as set out above.


Designed for You

Our Custom support package is about tailoring what we can offer to your specific needs. As a minimum it would include:

  • Everything in our Connect support package
  • Good Practice Advice and Compliance with BID legislation for your team
  • Organisational support on Company matters, attendance at Board or other Meetings
  • Unlimited Phone and On-line Support
  • Advice on Project Development and Performance Monitoring
  • Full Access to BIDs and Project documentation
  • Access to our extensive contacts list

To discuss exactly what is right for you, get in touch with us.


"Originally I was sceptical about BIDs, their logic and rationale behind them. The Mosaic Partnership has helped to reinforce that they are, in reality, a very valuable and in some cases an essential vehicle to enhance the fabric and wellbeing of our town centres and cities. I began just wanting to learn and observe but along the way I became inspired."

Michael Stewart, Hudson Bar, Belfast

"Marketing and place promotion are vitally important for attracting students to Ulster University. The CQ area has enormous potential and provides an excitiing and inspiring environment for the Ulster University campus to flourish and contribute to the dynamic of the Cathedral Quarter."

Professor Alastair Adair, Pro Vice Chancellor - Ulster University, Cathedral Quarter

"A BID would mean a better and more positive City for everyone – business owners, employers, employees, families and communities. It would enable projects to go ahead and to make the City a far more attractive and forward thinking place to bring business and visitors to."

Suzanne Murdock, The Hub, Newry

"Over the past 15 years, I have seen Cathedral Quarter grow from a state of neglect and near dereliction into Belfast’s most vibrant shared space filled with arts, culture and a great nightlife. The BID represents our best chance to shape the future and ensure that we keep this area special through times of challenge, change and opportunity"

Will Chamberlain, Director, Belfast Community Circus School