Coleraine Votes Yes

Coleraine votes YES!

Its a YES, as Coleraine becomes a Business Improvement District

After a year of research and development in town, the proactive & forward thinking organisations of Coleraine have voted YES!

The ballot results released by the independent scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services London, revealed that 81% of all those who voted in Coleraine town are in favour of a BID, A second trigger ‘majority by rateable value’ was also required and this was achieved with 90% of those who voted.

So, its a massive YES.

It is anticipated that the BID will commence from October 2018 for a five year term and will begin work on the additional projects that businesses have identified and as set out in the Business Plan. Over the five years of the BID will be generate over £1.2m to be spent in the BID area, for the benefit of all.

Congratulations everyone !!


"Originally I was sceptical about BIDs, their logic and rationale behind them. The Mosaic Partnership has helped to reinforce that they are, in reality, a very valuable and in some cases an essential vehicle to enhance the fabric and wellbeing of our town centres and cities. I began just wanting to learn and observe but along the way I became inspired."

Michael Stewart, Hudson Bar, Belfast

"Marketing and place promotion are vitally important for attracting students to Ulster University. The CQ area has enormous potential and provides an excitiing and inspiring environment for the Ulster University campus to flourish and contribute to the dynamic of the Cathedral Quarter."

Professor Alastair Adair, Pro Vice Chancellor - Ulster University, Cathedral Quarter

"A BID would mean a better and more positive City for everyone – business owners, employers, employees, families and communities. It would enable projects to go ahead and to make the City a far more attractive and forward thinking place to bring business and visitors to."

Suzanne Murdock, The Hub, Newry

"Over the past 15 years, I have seen Cathedral Quarter grow from a state of neglect and near dereliction into Belfast’s most vibrant shared space filled with arts, culture and a great nightlife. The BID represents our best chance to shape the future and ensure that we keep this area special through times of challenge, change and opportunity"

Will Chamberlain, Director, Belfast Community Circus School