Coleraine Vote Yes

Coleraine votes YES!

02nd October 2018

After a year of research and development in town, the proactive & forward thinking organisations of Coleraine have voted YES!.

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Destination CQ Logo

Destination CQ is recruiting!

08th September 2017

Destination CQ is looking for a highly able, enthusuastic BID Manager to deliver their plan.

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NI BIDs earns 100% success rate

6 out of 6 for the NI BIDs Pilot!

07th November 2016

Enniskillen has voted in favour of their BID, earning the NI BIDs Academy a 100% success rate.

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Enniskillen Plan

First Minister Arlene Foster supports the Enniskillen BID

22nd August 2016

Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster dropped by the Enniskillen BID office to meet Noelle and show her strong support for the BID!

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BREXIT & the impact on Place Management in Northern Ireland

08th July 2016

The fundamental issue for places in Northern Ireland is how to deal with the uncertainty and a potential lack of business confidence over the coming months. There has been, and will continue to be, a lot of conflicting ‘facts’ and viewpoints. So what can places and more specifically BIDs and Town/City management organisations realistically do? NI BIDs are suggesting 3 things that BIDs & place management organisations can do to understand, prepare and steady their own trading environment over the coming months.

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A Yes from Strabane

Strabane's Record BID Result

25th April 2016

The Mosaic Partnership is immensely proud of its work with the NI BIDs Academy which has to date seen YES results in all its 5 ballots. Our relationship with each of the BIDs, the people, project managers and teams that have worked so hard to bring them to fruition has been both a pleasure and a resounding success.

The latest proof of this was the Strabane BID result on Friday, where we saw a fantastic YES vote of; 95% by number and 98% by rateable value.

This is the best BID result in the UK!

We have listed the other results which make impressive reading.

Ballymena - 84% by Number 88% by RV
Belfast One BID (City Centre) - 84% by Number 88% by RV
Newry - 87% by Number 92% by RV
Destination CQ BID (Belfast) - 84% by Number 91% by RV

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"Originally I was sceptical about BIDs, their logic and rationale behind them. The Mosaic Partnership has helped to reinforce that they are, in reality, a very valuable and in some cases an essential vehicle to enhance the fabric and wellbeing of our town centres and cities. I began just wanting to learn and observe but along the way I became inspired."

Michael Stewart, Hudson Bar, Belfast

"Marketing and place promotion are vitally important for attracting students to Ulster University. The CQ area has enormous potential and provides an excitiing and inspiring environment for the Ulster University campus to flourish and contribute to the dynamic of the Cathedral Quarter."

Professor Alastair Adair, Pro Vice Chancellor - Ulster University, Cathedral Quarter

"A BID would mean a better and more positive City for everyone – business owners, employers, employees, families and communities. It would enable projects to go ahead and to make the City a far more attractive and forward thinking place to bring business and visitors to."

Suzanne Murdock, The Hub, Newry

"Over the past 15 years, I have seen Cathedral Quarter grow from a state of neglect and near dereliction into Belfast’s most vibrant shared space filled with arts, culture and a great nightlife. The BID represents our best chance to shape the future and ensure that we keep this area special through times of challenge, change and opportunity"

Will Chamberlain, Director, Belfast Community Circus School